Choosing our weapons

What about stopping and thinking for one minute?

Emotion is strong, and this is never easy to think when in anger. But let's try, just for one minute.
ISIS guys are not stupid. They are a bunch of shitty, fucking bastards but not idiots. They know we will want to kick their ass off. They know that the anti-muslim feeling in France will get stronger. They know that even more voices will now raise to oppose migrants from Syria to enter Europe.

No need to think for long to realise this is exactly what they are looking for. Because every guy living in a Syrian bombed area, every muslim stigmatised in France, every migrant rejected at the border is another good candidate to join them. "You see, we told you, Europe hates you. We are the only way".

The best kick in the ass that ISIS ever received so far has been the German declaration that they would open their borders to migrants. Because it just screwed up their strategy by giving another alternative to the very people they wanted to subdue.

So, just one minute to stand back, let our adrenaline level fall down a bit, and realise that the best answer to provocation is not to jump blindlessly and fall in the trap.

Today, across the whole country, a minute of silence has been observed. I hope this single minute will have helped everyone to think about this. And when the Marseillaise rang out at the end, and that everyone sang together "Aux armes citoyens", I do hope the French realised that our greatest strength now lies in our ability to choose our weapons.