So, this is it. The UK opted out.
Catastrophe, opportunity ? Dunno. There have been many arguments on both sides, and honnestly I don't have enough sight to judge.
So, farewell Britain, so long and thanks for all the fish.
Yet, I can't suppress a weird gut feeling. Maybe because I believe in the EU. Being born in France, having studied in Germany, lived in England and married a Czech woman, I think Europe is a concrete, useful thing, and not just a "complicated, bureaucratic, ambitious, overbearingly irrational and consistantly irritating institution". Free movement means something. I owe the EU my wife, my job and many years of my life. So this "leave" feels like a parental divorce: there may be good reasons behind, but this just feels wrong.
Now, whatever happens, I can do no more but wish all the best to my British Friends. Friendship doesn't need political agreements anyway, and unless the Brits drag their island far away in the Atlantic, it remains in Europe.