Score Following

Development internship (may - august 2002)

INSA Lyon Computer Sciences Department
IRCAM Centre Pompidou Real time Systems


Nowadays, the development of so-called "mixed music" (instruments playing together with recorded music or electronic systems) is considerably growing within contemporary musical composing domain. However, one of the most blocking problems is the lack of adaptability during the performance, since it is quite difficult for a non-human system to really follow what the musician plays.

Score following is a concept that allows improving the quality of such performances: idea is to consider the electronic system as an accompanist rather than a guide, giving it the means to follow what the musician plays using a score recognition mecanism.

Realized work during this internship must be seen as a part of a wider research work handled by IRCAM - Real time systems team, and notably by Nicola Orio. This research work has lead to a Hidden Markov Models based score following system.

Documents and reports

Final report - Documentation (pdf - French - 48 pages)
Final report - Inline Documentation (html - French)


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