Virtual Music Teacher

Final year project (february - august 2003)

INSA Lyon Computer Sciences Department
Karlsruhe University Institute for Logic, complexity and deduction systems
IRCAM Centre Pompidou Real time Systems


One of the most important features of computers today is the way we can use them for education, learning and teaching.

The goal of this project is to define how we can teach music with a software, and to realize such one which allows computer aided music learning: with a score as reference, detect errors on played music, and give corresponding explanation (typical errors are for example wrong notes, rhythm errors, tempo errors, and interpretation errors).

Realized software should then allow music students to rehearse at home while noticing and correcting their errors.

That implies good definitions of errors and diagnostics rules, but that means too a searching work on interface problems: way to acquire and to model played music, output definition, etc.

In the current state of the art, the realized Hidden Markov Models based software allows to perform an error diagnosis on a monophonic MIDI piece.

Documents and reports

Final report (pdf - French - 10 pages)
General documentation (pdf - English - 60 pages)
Inline general documentation (html - English)


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