D'ici et d'ailleurs

D'ici et d'ailleurs - Four poems for a capella choir

Movements/parts 1 – Ruines d'Urfé
2 – Ausflug in den Schwarzwald
3 – The Ballad of the White Horse
4 – Láska
Duration  15'
Instrumentation A capella 6-part mixt choir (SSATTB)
License/SACEM Code SACEM ISWC T-703.650.352.5



"D'ici et d'ailleurs" sets to music four poems, each in a different language, illustrating a particular place.

1 – Ruines d'Urfé

Text by Victor Patet (1843 - 1905).
The poem describes the "Cornes d’Urfé" castle, in the centre of France, on the woody hills halfway between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand.

2 – Ausflug in den Schwarzwald

Text by Ludwig Eichrodt (1827 - 1892)
The poem describes the landscapes of the Black Forest, in the South West of Germany.

3 – The Ballad of the White Horse

Text by Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874 - 1936)
The poem gives an epic illustration if the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire, England.

4 – Láska

Text by Karel Toman (1877 - 1946)
This text describes Prague in the Czech Republic.


Texts, scores and other resources

All texts and scores are available on the Scores page

Below is a recording of the piece made in June 2017 by Ensemble Vocal de l'INSA (also available on the Audio page).