All the scores available on this website are downloadable for free. They are not subject to edition rights/fees, so they can be printed and copied as much as you like. However, the music itself remains under copyright/royalties (most of them are declared and protected under a SACEM license - the French composers and authors society). To be fair, please follow these few rules:

  • Indicate where those scores and texts come from
  • Do not publish them on other websites or social medias without my authorisation
  • If you perform one of my works, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and this is a public performance do not forget to mention/declare it to your local music performance/royalties society!
  • If you use the scores, that's probably because you like the music. Then please say so on my my facebook page


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Irish Mass


La Chanson de Roland


Symphonic Poem n°1 - "King Alfred"


A Poor Young Shepherd


D'ici et d'ailleurs