Electroacoustic works

The musical pieces listed here have been composed and realised between 1996 and 1998, when I was studying electroacoustic composing at Saint-Etienne conservatory with Denys Vinzant. Most of them are available for listening on the Audio page

Celui qui Chuchotait dans les Ténèbres (The Whisperer in Darkness)

Based on E.P.Lovecraft's story, the piece evocates the dark and frightening atmosphere of the author's world.

Messe de la Part des Morts à l'Egard des Vivants (Mass from the deads to the living)

(SACEM ISWC T-003.781.621.9)

This piece is based on an original text, rather surrealist, that plays with the vision the deads could have from our world.

Les Fleurs du Printemps (The flowers of spring)


That one is just a crazy little piece playing on the theme of bad poetry

Carpe Diem

(SACEM T-003.781.624.2)

Another surrealist piece thought as an aimless reflexion on... well, life and other things

Pieds Nus sur la Terre Sacrée (Barefoot on sacred ground)

(SACEM ISWC T-004.162.316.8)

This work composed of three parts pays hommage to amerindian cultures by evocating the fall and rebirth of Indian world and spirituality. It combines original texts, aboriginal songs, natural and electronic sounds.

Le Prince des Nuages (Prince of the clouds)

(SACEM ISWC T-003.781.603.7)

This piece follows the narrative schema of a tale for children while exploring the world of dreams.


The whole piece is build around circles under all forms : wheels, mythological symbols, the geometrical form itself, but also all cyclic things that can be found in nature and culture such as seasons, days and nights, revolutions, etc.